About Nick Phillips
nick phillips

I have made my life here in Nevada. I have owned businesses here and employed many Nevadans. I attended college here. I have consistently offered real solutions to problems for businesses in Nevada and around the country. I have a vested interest in ensuring that our schools are successful, our economy offers more jobs and there is quality healthcare for my family and my community.

I have continually volunteered my time to better Nevada and will continue to do so.

Business Experience

At 16 I started my first business fixing computers and building websites to pay for rent and food while I continued to study for my high-school diploma.

Since moving to Las Vegas 11 years ago, I have owned several local businesses. One of these companies employed a staff of nearly 50 people, another had 25. I have experienced the ups and downs of the economy; the challenges of knowing that each week I was ultimately responsible for meeting the payroll for my staff. With my entrepreneurial background, I understand what is needed to create a budget and make the necessary adjustments when goals are missed or exceeded. While running my company during the day, I completed my Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration at night.

I have aided companies, large and small, to operate more efficiently and utilize their resources more effectively --an expertise that is desperately needed at all levels of government.

Volunteerism and Community Involvement

I have been a member of many business associations in Las Vegas and have assisted many people with their businesses. I was a mentor in the Clark County School District "Reclaim Your Future" program to help at-risk high-school seniors to graduate for two separate school years. I have been a guest speaker at UNLV for the MBA program. I participated in the Clark County Business Development Education Program (CCBDEP).

I volunteered as the Political Director for the Clark County Republican Party from July 2013 - July 2015 and handled all media outreach and coordination between campaigns. During this time, I spent literally thousands of hours helping to realize the largest number of wins Nevada Republicans have received in the past century.

Meet My Family

I met my wife, Melanie, in Las Vegas and we were married at Incline Village, NV in 2012. We are extremely proud to call Nevada home. We are raising our sons, Alex and Matisse, here and it is important to me to invest my time and energy into ensuring that their home and future will be a promising one.

Phillips Family