Jobs, Jobs & Jobs

The future of Nevada depends on the diversity of our economy. As a state, we need to attract an array of differing industries to start their businesses here and entice existing businesses from out of state to relocate here. Our future employers need to be able to depend on our school systems to train workers and to be attractive to parents who may choose to move here to work. Since before the founding of our state, we have been largely dependent on a small number of industries to keep our economy going. As we have seen from the recent recession, this is a risky position.

Nevada needs to have the best regulatory and tax environment possible to attract businesses to start here, relocate here and stay here. For this to happen, our state government needs to focus on where it is the only option, and encourage private citizens and industry to do what they do best.


As a father of two young boys, it is extremely important to me that our schools offer the best opportunity to Nevada's children. Our families, economy and future depend on giving our children the best start to life we can. Nevada has some incredible educational programs, many of which are fairly unknown to the community and are not large enough to serve the demand for them. We need to do a better job of informing the public about the positive programs and promoting what is working instead of complaining about what is not. A lot of hard work and positive attitude can take us a long way.

Nevada needs to maintain local control over our schools and be free from intervention from Washington DC. We need to focus education on positive outcomes for children, not on testing. If we fail to educate our children, we will have failed our most important responsibility. We need education solutions that make sense for Nevada such as more vocational training in high schools. It is imperative our students are given the option to pursue high paying careers in fields where we desperately need talented workers.

Protect Our Second Amendment Rights

My wife, Melanie, and I both have our concealed carry permits. We believe we have a right and a responsibility to defend our family if necessary. As your Assemblyman, I plan to make sure that right is protected for every Nevadan.

I received an Aq rating from the NRA, which is the highest rating a person can receive if they have never been a legislator. View the scores from the NRA


Access to quality health care, in a reasonable amount of time, at a reasonable price is something that our community has been struggling to deliver for quite some time. In the past 10 years our population has grown significantly but our healthcare system's ability to service the increased patients has not kept pace. Today we have a need for more doctors, more trauma centers, more hospitals. Many patients find themselves visiting the most expensive, least efficient medical facilities such as urgent care and walk-in clinics due to the length of time it may take to get an appointment with a regular doctor. There are private businesses, now, that are eager to build new facilities, train more doctors and expand our health care. Our state and local governments need to enthusiastically support these efforts and help make this a reality.

Having quality healthcare facilities for our community is not only a matter of convenience for our residents. It is also vital to ensuring that we are prepared in case of a disaster.